We're dedicated to serving our clients with industry leading software, services, and in-person expert guidance to provide best services for your tax needs and help to minimise your tax debt.

Whether you’re a full-time employee at a large corporation, a student, an independent contractor, a small business owner, you can benefit from our tax preparation services.

When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our attention to your tax situation details in our experiences and up-to-date knowledge of tax preparation guidelines and rules.


Individual Tax

Practical strategies to help you keep more of your hard-earned dollars and boost your family's net worth.

  • Students
  • Social Assistance Recipients
  • Retired
  • Employed
  • Self-employed
  • Rental Income
  • Immigrates
  • Non-resident
  • Corporation

    Coporation Tax

    We understand your business and lifestyle goals and will identify the best tax planning strategies to support our clients in protecting their wealth and preserving the equity in their businesses. We get you the best tax outcome for your business.

  • Incorporate a business
  • Strategic wage or dividend payments
  • Income splitting options with family members
  • Corporate withdrawal optimization
  • Corporate and/or personal investment trade-offs
  • Corporate tax and GST/QST installment planning
  • Timely payroll remittances
  • Corporate tax and GST/QST return filings
  • Timely and accurate filing of T4, T5, and T3
  • SR&ED credit claims
  • Long Distance

    Long Distance Tax Service

    If you don’t want to spend part of yours sitting around a tax office or you are not close to our office, just use our “Long Distance Service”. It’s quick and easy and we will get your return done. Please check our "Deposit Online" or "Deposit in Email" services.

    Our long-distance tax preparation service will provide you a quick and easy way, and we will get your return done remotely.


    Tax Consultation & Planning

    With expert in Canadian tax planning and compliance, we will provide you with the clarity needed to take maximum advantage of current tax legislation.

    We have been helping clients achieve all kinds of financial goals. Whether you’re just starting out, planning for retirement, or manage a small or medium-sized business, we’re here to help.


    Tax Audit Support

    We will help to review your tax situation, develop a strategy to manage the CRA audit process for you Facilitate submission of requested information, and submit post audit proposals on your behalf. We successfully helped many local & nationwide clients with CRA tax troubles!